Dan's Canoe Trip Reports

High time, after all these years, that I start collecting all my photos and notes from the many canoe trips I've taken, and get them organized!

So here we go... my initial attempt to write-up some trip reports. Some trip have links to full detailed reports, while others are just noted here to be filled in some day down the road (with some brief notes and highlights.)

Trips with Full Reports

Apr. 28 - May 1, 2016 - Haliburton, Spring trout fishing trip

Apr. 8 - Apr. 10, 2016 - Tobermory, Bruce Trail hiking trip

Sept. 25 - Sept. 29, 2015 - Algonquin, Fall trout fishing trip

Jul. 16 - Jul. 21, 2014 - Algonquin, trout fishing trip

Jan. 24 - Jan. 26, 2014 - Algonquin, winter trip

Aug. 29 - Sept. 1, 2013 - Haliburton, girls' trip

Mar. 28 - 31 2012 - Killarney, Crack Hiking, cold beauty

Jul. 20-28 2012 - Chiniguchi

Aug. 2-7 2011 - Killarney, family trip

Sept./Oct. 2010 - Chinguchi in the Fall

July 2010 - Killarney, The Big Outer Loop

October 24 2009 - Killarney in the Fall

July 2009 - The Annual "Big Trip" - Temagami

May 2009 - Killarney in the Spring

April 2009 - Haliburton after ice-out

March 27 2009 - Eramosa River, Day Trip

July 2008 - Killarney

Catalogue of all Trips

2018 Trips (6 trips)

Sept. 21 - Sept. 23, 2018, Massasauga

  • Dan, Kevin
  • A short trip into Massasauga to make up for the terrible fishing in Haliburton earlier!
  • Site 29, for two nights.
  • Good bass and pike fishing, ate plenty for sure!

    Aug. 31 - Sept. 3, 2018, Haliburton

  • Dan, Kevin
  • Surprisingly difficult fishing, especially for us.
  • We endured the long and difficult portage to Ronald, only to discover the lake level is way down, and there are no mature trout left in it (less than 25 depth at the deepest section, not enough for trout).
  • Even on Gunn Lake, we struggled to land bass, while they were jumping all around us!

    Aug. 3 - 6, 2018, Massasauga

  • Dan P, Joane, Nita, Tony
  • And Theo their pug! Who cannot swim, yet will jump in the water all the same. Despite the lifevest for him, he almost drowned once as he bit at the bubbles. Tony jumped in and saved the poor stupid thing!

    July 21 - 28, 2018, Killarney outer loop

  • Dan P, Joane, Sherri
  • Joane's first 'long' canoe trip, more than 5 days.
  • We completed the outer loop in Killarney, with a shuttle of the car Bell to George.
  • Clear Silver, Great Mountain, Howry, Nellie, Nellie, McGregor Bay, Muriel.
  • Very low water, so the Howry-Murray section was extremely difficult, and no other option but to push through the mud for a kilometer.

    May 9th - May 12, 2018 - Haliburton, ice-out trout trip

  • Dan P, Peter, Chris S, Kevin
  • Latest ice-out trip to date! We kept having to push back the date. The ice only went out a couple days earlier.
  • Not as good fishing as prior years in this area. A lot of hours fishing, to catch 7 trout.

    Jan. 30th - Feb. 3, 2018 - Killarney winter trip

  • Dan, Peter
  • Two nights in the cabin, two in the interior on George Lake, North shore, near the hidden OSA portage.
  • Skiing was not so good, due to rain that then froze the trail. Peter stayed back for the Freeland run, which I completed. Scary fast and icy, mno getting out of the track! Had to land hard a few times going down hill on turns, and got some ugly bruises!
  • Winter nights were fantastic. Completed the hike to OSA, which was cold by fun.

    2017 Trips (7 trips)

    Sept. 30 - Oct. 1, 2017 - Haliburton

  • Dan, Keith S
  • Gun lake.
  • Keith's first real canoe trip.
  • Great bass fishing, I think I have Keith hooked now on canoe tripping!

    Sept. 8 - 15, 2017 - Gros Morne hiking trip

  • Dan, Brian Y
  • An amazing back country hiking trip experience.
  • We squeezed in the orientation on the 8th, and managed to start our hike on the 9th, taking the first regular boat across to be dropped off.
  • Gilley's Pond (NT 3), Mark's Pond (LR 6), Harding's Pond (LR 8), LR 12.
  • We exited a day early, due to terrible cold, rain and wind on the last night at LR 12. About 5C, horizontal wind. Fierce conditions. we were supposed to stay at LR 16, but we were soaked and cold, so we just trekked right out of the park.
  • I injured by left knee with a Iliotibial Band Syndrome (IT band). Hurt like hell, but I was able to manage although a bit slower overall.
  • We used the extra time to travel north to St Anthony, and get on a boat for the last day of whale watching! Saw an amazing feeding episode of two hump backs in shore.
  • Knee healed up fine, especially with physio on return. Definitely I will have to do more exercises for future trips.

    Aug. 25 - 28, 2017 - Killarney Bell Lake loop

  • Dan, Joane, Nita, Tony.
  • First canoe trip for Theo, Nita's dog. He did well.
  • First time staying on Little Bell: low and swampy, not really worth it.
  • Great hike, as usual, to Silver Peak.

    Aug. 15 - 19, 2017 - Massasauga

  • Dan, Joane, Deanna W, Jeff W, Jenna W, Kaitlin W, Lelu
  • Spider (21), Spider (21), Vicary Lake (106), Vicary Lake (106)
  • First canoe trip for their exchange student, Lelu.
  • First exchange student that did not cut themselves with a knife on a canoe trip!

    July 3 - 9, 2017 - Northern Algonquin canoe trip

  • Dan P, Peter
  • First time for a trout trip from the Magnetewan area.
  • Daisy, Misty, Big Trout, Big Trout, Timberwolf, Queer
  • Good trout catches on Daisy, Timberwolf and Queer. Surprisingly, none on Big Trout, despite two days trying!
  • We even tried going back to the portage with a small cascade on Big Trout, only to catch no end of white suckers (and not keeping them... yuck).
  • Caught no trout on Little Trout, but with effort I landed one on Queer, just off the portage.
  • Sad situation on Big Trout, as a young boy part of a school trip drowned, and was found (and flown out) the day we arrived.

    Feb. 16 - Feb. 19, 2017 - Killarney, winter trip

  • Dan P, Dan C
  • DanC's first winter trip... he survived (with relatively few complaints;)
  • Spent the first night in the campground in a yurt, great cross country skiing that day.
  • Perfect interior camping weather... +2C Saturday and Sunday!
  • We camped on George Lake, near the start of the secret portage to OSA.
  • We made snow chairs, covered with a tarp, and sun bathed, it was that nice!

    Jan. 29 - Jan. 31, 2017 - Algonquin, winter trip

  • Dan P, Peter A
  • Due to uncertainy about ice depth, we did an overland trip from Mew Lake campground along the railway trail, to the back of Lake-of-Two-Rivers.
  • Camped 50m along the portage to Provoking Lake.
  • We wanted to camp on Provoking, but the hilly portage was too much for us and the heavy sleds.

    2016 Trips (7 trips)

    Sept. 16 - Sept. 19, 2016 - French River, hard core fishing trip

  • Dan P, Kevin F
  • French River: Fox Lake, three nights
  • Long trip in from Hartley Bay to the secret Fox Lake.
  • Fish for lunch and dinner every day! Easy and plentiful fishing.
  • Was so warm, a new mosquiot hatch came out and made problems for us.
  • Huge harvest moon.

    Aug. 19 - Aug. 23, 2016 - Killarney, annual Wright family trip

  • Dan P, Joane P, Deanna W, Jeff W, Kaitlin W, Jenna W, Gaetane
  • Killarney: Boundary, Boundary, Deacon, Deacon
  • An annual tradition for our families since 2009!
  • Gaetane, their Belgian exchange student and friend of Kaitlin's, had a great time.
  • We managed all the usual activities, including a hike up Silver Peak, tons of swimming, and good fishing on Deacon.

    Aug. 12 - Aug. 15, 2016 - Massassauga, Tony's first trip

  • Dan P, Joane P, Nita P, Tony H
  • Massassauga: Canoe Lake, Creswicke Lake, Creswicke Lake
  • Nita brought Tony on his first real outdoor canoe trip.
  • Everyone had a good time, despite the terrible endless downpour on the second day.
  • Creswicke is well worth the effort to get to. Only one fantastic camp site. Good bass fishing.

    Jul. 23 - Jul. 28, 2016 - Chiniguchi, annual big trip

  • Dan P, Peter A, Lee P
  • Chiniguchi: Wolf Lake, Lake Chiniguchi, Lake Chiniguchi, Evelyn Lake, McCarthy Bay
  • First time in Chiniguchi for Peter and Lee.
  • Very good weather throughout the trip, although very hot at times.
  • Incredible sunset on the last night.
  • Hiked the Elephant trail on Lake Chiniguchi.
  • Peter and I brought our trolling rods and caught two good lakers on Chiniguchi!

    Jul. 12 - Jul. 15, 2016 - Massassauga, Jorge trip

  • Dan P, Joane P, Devin P, Jorge G
  • Massassauga: Clear Lake, Clear Lake, Clear Lake
  • Jorge came back to Canada for a visit, and joined us on this canoe trip with the kids.
  • Very hot weather, always in the water!
  • As usual, good fishing on Clear Lake.
  • Site 33 is such a good good, large site. Site 34 is still better, but this is my next favorite on Clear Lake.

    Apr. 28 - May 1, 2016 - Haliburton, ice-out trout trip

  • Dan P, Peter A
  • Haliburton: Nunikani, Nunikani, Nunikani
  • We were planning Little Trout in Algonquin Park, but the ice was out there yet.
  • So, we went to Nunikani Lake in Haliburton
  • The plan was to base camp on Nunikani, and fish for trout on the neighboring lakes
  • Incredible success! Caught speckled trout, lake trout and splake, on three different lakes!
  • Very cold though, a challenging trip overall.
  • Caught 10 trout, several over 20" in length.

    Apr. 8 - Apr. 10, 2016 - Tobermory, Bruce Trail hiking trip

  • Dan P, Peter A
  • Tobermory, Bruce Trail: Storm Haven, Lions Head
  • Still a fair bit of snow on the ground!
  • For the first day, we hiked from Cyprus Lake to Storm Haven.
  • Beautiful sunny day, unbelievable scenery with the white snow, blue sky, and green water.
  • Second day, we hiked back to Cyprus Lake, took the car to Lion's Head, and hiked the Bruce Trail to the beach at McKay's Harbour.
  • A long hard day of hiking, but just gorgeous to camp right on the beach.
  • Breathless last day, skim of ice on the lake.

    2015 Trips (7 trips)

    Nov. 2 - Nov. 4, 2015 - Haliburton, solo trip

  • Dan P
  • My first solo canoe trip!
  • An amazing clear warm weather spell, had to get out last minute!
  • Water was very cold, bass were not in shallows, all at depth, hard to catch, but got one 17".

    Sept. 25 - Sept. 29, 2015 - Algonquin, trout trip

  • Dan P, Dan C
  • Sites: Little Trout (3 nights)
  • First trip with Dan Collens for a couple of years. Good to get out again!
  • Very end of the trout season... strange fishing! All in shallows at the portages, getting ready to spawn. Difficult to catch, but we managed to get 4 in total, with effort.

    Aug. 17 - Aug. 23, 2015 - Killarney, outer loop trip

  • Dan P, Peter A.
  • Balsam, Fish, Murray, Nellie, McGregor Bay, OSA
  • Entered from Bell, exited at George, use da car shuttle service to move the car.
  • A good trip overall (although I got a stomach infection, which was not fun)
  • Good fishing throughout. Peter's first tiem doing the outer loop.

    Aug. 7 - Aug. 11, 2015 - Massasauga Park, canoe trip

  • Dan P, Joane P, Deanna W, Jeff W, Kaitlin W, Jenna W
  • Clear Lake, Clear Lake, Goose Neck Bay, Spider Lake
  • Girls had tons of fun together, lots of fun.
  • Jeff and I did lots of fishing, caught plenty of bass and pike for the group.
  • Next year, the group wants to do a more substantial trip!
  • Success on all lakes, both lake and speckled trout.

    Jul. 1 - Jul. 5, 2015 - Killarney, family canoe trip

  • Dan P, Joane P, Nita P
  • Sites: Boundary, Balsam, Harry, Harry
  • A great trip, hiked to Silver Peak, and great fishing on Harry.
  • Joane caught a 27" pike!

    May 14 - May. 18, 2015 - Algonquin, trout fishing trip

  • Dan P, Peter A
  • Louisa/Louisa/Frank/Welcome
  • Another successful trout fishing trip. Lots of Lake trout, and healthy number of speckled trout as well.

    Apr. 17 - Apr. 20, 2015 - Killarney, early season hiking trip

  • Dan P, Peter A
  • Acid Lake, Topaz, Lumsden
  • First time taking the trail west. Very wet, lots of stream crossing, not easy!
  • Nice views though, and no crazy climbing like hike East past the Crack.

    2014 Trips (8 trips)

    Sept. 10 - Sept. 15, 2014 - French River, canoe trip

  • Dan P, Peter A
  • general route/map.
  • Decided to run the loop clockwise, going up the French River on West arm. Not a good idea! Hard to navigate, and not fun fighting the currents.
  • Incredibly cold and wet weather for September. Extremely high waters, highest apparently in years (dam run off from Nippising).
  • Great pike and bass fishing though. We ate like kings!
  • Loop: Fox Lake, Fox Islands, French River outlet (2 nights), Western Channel.

    Aug. 28 - Sept. 1, 2014 - Massasauga, Wright family canoe trip

  • Dan P, Joane P, Deanna W, Jeff W, Kaitlin W, Jenna W, Constance
  • Clear Lake (base camped 3 nights).
  • Constance's first canoe trip (French exchange student). She did fantastic!
  • Girls had tons of fun together, lots of fun.
  • Jeff and I did lots of fishing, caught plenty of bass and pike for the group.

    Aug. 6 - Aug. 10, 2014 - Haliburton, family canoe trip

  • Dan P, Joane P, Devin P, Nita P
  • Sites: 67/15/71/71
  • Nice little loop. Picked up Nita the third day, from Wren, then two nights on Gun. She drove us from Wren back to our car at the Frost Centre.
  • Great bass fishing on Gun, as always.
  • Nita brought mismatched poles and tent... lots of duct tape and McGivering to fix it!

    Jul. 16 - Jul. 21, 2014 - Algonquin, trout fishing trip

  • Dan P, Peter A
  • Peter and I took the trout course on the 16th, then the interior trip thereafter.
  • Louisa/Louisa/Harry/Harry
  • Amazing success catching trout! Natural lake and rainbow trout.

    Jun. 30 - Jul. 1, 2014 - Haliburton, Kevin's first trip!

  • Dan P, Joane P, Lee P, Kevin P
  • First trip for Kevin, Lee's son, age 2. Just Gun Lake, easy in and out.
  • Blackflies were still out, poor Kevin got eaten alive!
  • Kevin had fun, but the trip was a bit much for Kevin's age (for Lee), and we returned after the first night.

    Apr. 25 - Apr. 27, 2014 - Killarney, Spring hiking trip

  • Dan P, Peter A.
  • Annual Killarney hiking trip
  • Tough trip: we did H48 Proulx), then Norway (site 12), then back on last day. then all the way back on Sunday from there!
  • Still a lot of snow in the bush.
  • A bit too much for the last day: Peter got a chest infection, and I hurt my shoulder.

    Feb. 14 - Feb. 17, 2014 - Killarney, winter trip

  • Dan P, Devin P.
  • Winter 'hot-tenting' trip, in Killarney (first!)
  • Tough trip, but we did well. Devin's first winter trip.
  • New stove elbow worked well.
  • Not much sleep, stocking the stove all night.
  • Tough sledding, stayed on east end of George (good spot).

    Jan. 24 - Jan. 26, 2014 - Algonquin, winter trip

  • Dan P, Peter A.
  • First winter trip ever!
  • Tent and stove performed well.
  • -35C... incredibly cold, not what we planned for, but we survived fine!
  • Went in on Canisbay, to the end.
  • Hiked the ski trails a bit.
  • Vertical stove pipe not good: many pinprick spark holes in the tent.

    2013 Trips (8 trips)

    Sept. 26 - Sept. 29, 2013 - Killarney, fishing trip

  • Dan P, Rob A., Peter A.
  • Balsam/Balsam/David (loop)
  • Good fishing on Balsam, as usual
  • Hike to Silver Peak was great, as usual

    Aug. 29 - Sept. 1, 2013 - Haliburton, girls' trip

  • Dan P, Kevin F., Joane P., Ella F.
  • Fathers/daughters trip
  • Gun Lake
  • Ella's first trip: she loved it!
  • Outstanding bass fishing

    Aug. 15 - Aug. 18, 2013 - Massasauga, family trip

  • Dan P, Patty P., Devin P., Joane P
  • Family trip, into Clear Lake from Spider
  • Perfect weather, good fishing.

    Jul. 21 - Jul. 28, 2013 - Chiniguchi, the annual "Big Trip"

  • Dan P, Nita P., Jorge G.
  • Planning notes page.
  • We started on the primary route, but got off the Sturgeon early (we did not like the low water and hassle).
  • We exited the Sturgeon at Parsons Lake, and returned via Evelyn Lake.
  • Final route: Wolf, Chiniguchi (near 'Elephant'), Fredrick Lake, Sturgeon, McConnell Bay (point), Evelyn, McCarthy Bar (north end).
  • Winds always against us, crazy cold the whole trip.
  • Good fishing.

    Jun. 21 - Jun. 25, 2013 - French River

  • Dan P, Devin P.
  • Father son trip, after Devin's exams
  • Through Fox Lake south, to the bay, and back up the elbow.
  • Amazing fishing on Fox Lake.

    May 17 - May 20, 2013 - Killarney

  • Dan P, Peter A., Jorge G., Fabio
  • Killarney/Sandy/Sandy
  • Jorge and Fabio met up with us on Sandy
  • Bushwhack hike to SIlver Peak from Sandy
  • NEver seen blackflies so bad: tent bound mid-day they were so bad.

    May 2 - May 6, 2013 - Algonquin

  • Dan P, Devin P., Kevin F., Owen F.
  • Fathers/Sons trip, annual.
  • 3 nights, Clydegale, from Rock Lake.
  • No trout! Too many people on Pen, over fished.
  • Good weather. Very high water levels.

    Apr. 26 - Apr. 28, 2013 - Killarney hiking trip

  • Dan P, Jorge G.
  • To the The Crack, and then to Proulx Lake
  • Nice weather... ice was out late this year

    2012 Trips (8 trips)

    Sept. 28- Oct 1, 2012 - Killarney, fishing trip

  • Dan P, Dan Payne
  • Balsam/Balsam/Balsam
  • Amazing fishing on Balsam: didn't eat Sat/Sun brought meals!
  • Other Dan caught tons of fish (bass, pike) with black/gold lure
  • Amazing hike to SIlver Peak: perfect weather
  • Carrying my canoe without my pack hurts my neck
  • Fantastic weather

    Aug. 18-21 2012 - Massassauga, Joane's trip

  • Dan P, Joane P, Dan C, Joanne C, Alice C, Claire C, Lee P
  • Clear/Clear/Clear
  • Dan C and Joanne's first canoe trip with their kids!
  • First trip I've done with a two-year old (Claire)
  • Great fishing (for me, less so for others)
  • Alice and Claire did great on thie trip, even with last day return rain

    Aug. 6-12 2012 - Killarney, Family trip

  • Dan P, Devin P, Joane P, Patty P, Deanna W, Jeff W, Kaitlin W, Jenna W
  • West gate: Grace/Grace/Nellie/Murray/Murray
  • Good hikes in the neigbouring hills
  • No blueberries!
  • Fishing on Murray was not as great as usual (not a lot of time to fish, poor weather)
  • Came back via ferry (relaxing return, motel on Sat. evening)

    Jul. 20-28 2012 - Chiniguchi

  • Dan P, Nita P, Jorge G
  • Access from Sportsman Lodge
  • Don't stay at the Norvic! Terrible motel.
  • Breakfast at the lodge was great (but expensive, but worth it)
  • No where near the crowds we expected! Definitely return here
  • No blueberries this season, at all (sad)

    June 27 - Jul. 1 2012 - French River, adventure on the water

  • Dan P, Devin P
  • Saw a small bear swim across the river!
  • Glimpsed a pure yellow fox in the Finger Islands
  • Caught a 24" pike
  • Swam the Dalles Rapids

    May 18 - 21 2012 - Algonquin, Fork Lake, Moose pasture

  • Dan P, Devin P, Owen F, Kevin F, Nita P, Jorge G
  • Easy lake to get too, surprising quiet
  • Not a trout to be caught... frustrating
  • Camp site is in a moose pasture! Scared the crap out of me a night

    Apr. 19 - 22 2012 - Haliburton, Cat Lake, Trout opener

  • Dan P, Jorge G
  • Very cold, but a pretty lake
  • Caught a nice trout right away, but didn't land it.
  • Then... nothing all weekend!
  • Jorge's Spongebob fishing reel dies

    Mar. 28 - 31 2012 - Killarney, Crack Hiking, cold beauty

  • Dan P, Dan Payne
  • We had the park to ourselves! Even office was closed!
  • Very cold... minus 5 at night, snowed during the day a bit
  • Saw moose family at The Crack
  • Saw deer on hikes

    2011 Trips (8)

    Oct. 5-7 2011 - Massassauga, 3 Days of sun

  • Dan P, Dan C
  • Clear Lake/Clear Lake
  • Last minute trip planned the evening before, to leverage the amazing forecast!
  • I Caught the largest smallmouth bass ever: 20.5"
  • So much fish, we didn't eat one of the brought dinners

    Sept. 23-26 2011 - Killarney, father-son trip

  • Dan P, Devin P
  • Balsam/Balsam/David
  • A really fun trip, with good fishing
  • We hiked Silver Peak, and bumped into Rob Rock on the way up!

    Sept. 1-4 2011 - Haliburton, kids trip

  • Dan P, Devin P, Joane P
  • Gun Lake/Gun Lake/Gun Lake
  • My first trip with both kids alone
  • Good fishing, and lots of fun all-round

    Aug. 2-7 2011 - Killarney, family trip

  • Dan P, Devin P, Joane P, Patty P, Deanna W, Jeff W, Kaitlin W, Jenna W
  • Kakakise/OSA/Three Narrows/Three Narrows/Killarney
  • The most challenging family group trip yet!
  • Everyone survived the Three Narrows portage... barely
  • Kakakise has good fishing... did not know that!
  • Joane was the star fisherwoman that trip, on Three Narrows
  • Full report

    Jul. 23-29 2011 - Killarney, the Big trip

  • Dan P, Nita P, Jorge G
  • Leech Lake/Rocky/Basson/Murray/Grace/Grace
  • The North-West Access Point is quiet, and less busy
  • Deerfly city that year! VERY hot, brought them out
  • The Van Winkle lakes are not worth going north to
  • Murray has amazing fishng (caught a huge 19" smallmouth)
  • Grace is a wonderful lake to camp on, so pretty

    May 13-16 2011 - Killarney, killer winds!

  • Dan P, Devin P, Nita P, Jorge G, Kevin F, Owen F
  • Wind started 2 hours after arriving, and didn't let up EVER for 4 days
  • Had to pick up camp and move inland twice, to avoid the cold winds
  • All the same, the boys got into the water for a quick dip (brrr)
  • Took the shortcut portage from OSA to George, to avoid kilelr winds
  • Incredibly cold and scary paddle on George, even with the wind behind us most of the way

    Apr. 27-30 2011 - Kawarthas, ice-out trip

  • Dan P, Dan Payne
  • Shark/Shark/Cox
  • The last chance to paddle this area before reservations begin
  • Very dense with cottages, but a nice compact area
  • Wind/rain storm the second day, had to move camp and hunker down

    Apr. 8-10 2011 - Algonquin, hiking trip

  • Dan P, Brian Y
  • Western Uplands Trail: Maggie Lake/Maggie Lake
  • 3' of snow on the trail!
  • Hard packed for 2' width, otherwise up to the knees in mushy snow
  • Very challenging, but tons of fun
  • Fires esessential to dry off soaking boots

    2010 Trips (7)

    Sept./Oct. 2010 - Chinguchi in the Fall

    Aug. 8-12 2010 - Killarney, family trip

  • Dan P, Devin P, Joane P, Patty P, Deanna W, Jeff W, Kaitlin W, Jenna W
  • Balsam/Balsam/Boundary/Clear Silver
  • The Wright's first time in Killarney
  • Everyone survived Silver Peak
  • Good fishing on Balsam

    July 2010 - Killarney, The Big Outer Loop

    Jul. 1 - Jul. 4 2010 - Haliburton, a trip for Joane

  • Dan P, Joane P, Jorge G, Nita P, Petunia, Fabio, Tehmina
  • Nunikani/Nunikani/Sherbourne
  • Joane's first solo trip with me
  • Joane caught a nice bass in the shallows at the falls into Nunikani
  • Portages from Big Hawk to Sherborne are confusing... group separated!

    May 21-24 2010 - Killarney, the Perfect trip

  • Dan P, Devin P, Nita P, Jorge G, Kevin F, Owen F, Dan C
  • Killarney/Killarney/Killarney
  • An early warm Spring, made for a perfect trip... and no bugs!
  • Dry, sunny, the kids even swam a lot
  • Non-stop coffee kept Kevin alive!

    Apr. 30- May 2 2010 - Poker Lakes, not-so ice-out trip

  • Dan P, Devin P, Jorge G, Petunia
  • Big East Lake
  • The warm Spring made this more like a late May/early June trip
  • Black-flies dined on Petunia

    Apr. 9-11 2010 - Algonquin, hiking trip

  • Dan P, Dan G
  • Highlands Trail: Faya/West Provoking
  • Warm Spring, meant very little snow
  • Forst hiking trip for me so early... fun!

    2009 Trips (6)

    October 24 2009 - Killarney in the Fall

    Sept. 25 - 27 2009 - Haliburton, Petunia's first trip

  • Dan P, Devin P, Jorge G, Petunia
  • Gun/Gun
  • Petunia is a natural out there... but we did stay on an island
  • Petunia was the island Guardian, watching from the island peak

    Aug. 5-9 2011 - Massassauga, family trip

  • Dan P, Devin P, Joane P, Patty P, Deanna W, Jeff W, Kaitlin W, Jenna W
  • Spider/Clear/Clear/Spider
  • Kaitlin caught a good-sized pike on Clear
  • Snake-point on Clear! Dozens of brown water snakes everywhere

    July 2009 - The Annual "Big Trip" - Temagami

    May 2009 - Killarney in the Spring

    April 2009 - Haliburton after ice-out

    March 27 2009 - Eramosa River, Day Trip

    2008 Trips (6)

    Sept. 27-30 2008 - Killarney, Silver Peak Bush Whack

  • Dan P, Rob R
  • Kakakise/Sandy/Sandy
  • Rob's first trip in Killarney
  • Fun bushwhack to Silver Peak
  • Sandy is remote, but not worth the trek to it (poor portages, dead-end)

    Sept. 13 - 15 2009 - Haliburton, father & son trip

  • Dan P, Devin P
  • Gun/Gun
  • Tail-end of a hurricane: rained from arrival to getting back to the car, non-stop
  • Good fishing, and warm despite the rain

    Aug. 9-12 2008 - Massassauga, family trip

  • Dan P, Devin P, Joane P, Patty P, Deanna W, Jeff W, Kaitlin W, Jenna W
  • Spider/Clear/Spider
  • The first annual Pronovost/Wright group trip
  • Brutal rain the first day, and cold
  • Sun returns the second day and everyone has fun!

    July 2008 - Killarney

    Jul. 5-8 2008 - Killarney, Silver Peak trip

  • Dan P, Devin P, Dan C, Brian Y
  • Clearsilver/Boundary/Boundary
  • First trip with Dan C and Brian Y, the geek-squad!
  • Great weather, and a fun hike to Silver Peak

    May 3-6 2008 - Magnetawan area, MYCCR trip

  • Dan P, Rob R, Ron R, Hugh C
  • Kashegaba/Kashegaba/Kashegaba
  • First trip with these guys, hooked up online at MYCCR
  • Terrible rain and cold the first long day
  • Soloed my boat (thankfully, not windy!)
  • The trip of the Lost Wallet and Keys (thankfull Rob found them on the last day)

    2007 Trips (7)

    Sept. 14-16 2007 - French River, Devin & Jorge trip

  • Dan P, Devin P, Jorge G
  • The Elbow/The Elbow
  • Clear and cold, had frost the first morning
  • Good fishing
  • Plenty of cottages, but nice past the Elbow
  • Pleasant sailing back on last day, with wind at our back

    Aug. 14-16 2007 - Massassauga, family trip

  • Dan P, Devin P, Joane P, Patty P
  • Little Blackstone/Little Blackstone
  • Camp site turtles, which the kids thought were great!
  • Little Blackstone is a great base-camp family lake

    Aug. 5 - Aug. 9 2007 - Killarney, The Annual Big Trip

  • Dan P, Nita P., Jorge J.
  • Boundary/Fox/Panache/Harry
  • First year for the extended Killarney park boundary
  • Panache is not worth tripping to, but it's another loop at least!
  • Great fishing on Harry, beautiful remote lake

    Jul. 20 - 22 2007 - Haliburton, father & son trip

  • Dan P, Devin P
  • Sherborne/Sherborne
  • Got very sick on return after this trip
  • Apparently, not giardia or other parasite
  • Camp site was dirty (since then closed down)

    Jun. 29 - Jul. 1 2007 - Killarney, Dan & Patty

  • Dan P, Patty P
  • Norway/Kakakise
  • A very fun trip, Patty's first Killarney experience
  • Did "The Crack" with Patty
  • Why do people hike from the highway without water for them and their dogs?

    May 19-21 2007 - Massassauga, Devin and Nita trip

  • Dan P, Devin P, Nita P
  • Little Blackstone/Little Blackstone
  • Devin's first Spring trip... was a blast!
  • Very crisp and cold... Nita's face swelled up
  • Discovered the hidden marsh creek

    Apr. 26 - 28 2007 - Haliburton, ice-out trip

  • Dan P, Jorge G.
  • McEwen/McEwen
  • Fairly rainy trip, and no luck with trout fishing
  • Almost got lost on a bush-whack hiking trip on late return!

    2006 Trips (7)

    Sept. 29 - Oct. 1 2006 - Haliburton, Fall trip

  • Dan P, Dan Payne
  • Nunikani/Clear
  • First trip with Dan Payne, first for him in Ontario

    Aug. 30 - Sept. 2 2006 - Algonquin, first family trip

  • Dan P, Devin P, Joane P, Patty P
  • Rock Lake (campground)/Pen/Pen
  • Joane's first canoe trip, did great!

    Aug. 19 - 21 2006 - Haliburton, father & son trip

  • Dan P, Devin P
  • Ernest/Ernest
  • A fun trip, fairly good fishing

    Aug. 4 - 7 2006 - Massassauga, solo with Patty

  • Dan P, Patty P
  • Spider (16)/Three Finger Bay/Spider
  • Patty's first trip ever
  • Getting into the Bay means many boats and traffic!

    Jun. 30 - Jul. 4 2006 - Killarney, The Annual Big Trip

  • Dan P, Nita P., Jorge J.
  • George/Three Narrows/Three Narrows/Muriel
  • Eaten alive by bugs on George
  • Doris Island in Three Narrows is a neat warm-weather site!
  • First time on Muriel... a magical small lake with towering facing cliffs

    May 5-7 2006 - Massassauga, Spring trip

  • Dan P, Devin P, Nita P, Jorge G
  • Spider/Spider
  • The trip I forgot some food at home; The Vincenzo's day-pack food!

    Apr. 21 - 23 2006 - Haliburton, ice-out trip

  • Dan P, Jorge G.
  • Sherborne/Sherborne
  • Our first ice-out trip! Amazing!
  • Rainy and cold, sleet on last day!
  • But, we caught an amazing lake trout (oh, the memories of it)

    2005 Trips (3)

    Oct. 3 - Oct. 5 2005 - Algonquin, Fall trip

  • Dan P, Nita P, Jorge G
  • Burnt Island/Tom Thompson
  • Man, Algonquin is busy, over-crowded and annoying
  • But, gorgeous weather throughout for us

    Sept. 16 - 18 2005 - Haliburton, Devin's first trip

  • Dan P, Devin P, Nita P
  • Sherborne/Sherborne
  • Devin's first canoe trip!
  • He had a bad cold, but still endured fine
  • Fun fishing
  • Windless full moon night, spooky and eerie!

    Aug. 4 - Aug. 7 2005 - Killarney, The First Annual Big Trip

  • Dan P, Nita P., Jorge J.
  • Harry/Fox/Johnnie
  • Portaging 71 lb, 17' fibreglass canoe ("Yenta") to Harry on Day 1... priceless!
  • Jorge got dehydrated after a long day of paddling in the sun, gatorade from now on!