Haliburton Canoe Trip, April 2009

For many years, my brother-in-law and I, Jorge, head out as soon as possible after the ice breaks up for a canoe trip. We usually head into the Haliburtons area, as trout fishing season is generally open on most lakes up from January onward (trout fishing in Algonquin Park opens towards early May).

In the last weekend of April 2009 (25th), we paddled into Ernest Lake in the Haliburtons with the intent to make our way into Ronald Lake for some trout fishing. On the way in, there was still lingering ice and snow in some places, although the shore ice was gone by the time we paddled out on Sunday. A threatening rain storm cut our fishing short on Saturday in Ronald Lake, but the portage from Ernest Lake was certainly memorable!

Here's a youtube video diary of the short trip (sans any trout, sadly).

And, here is a Google map showing our route (which we returned on as well to the access point on Wren Lake).