The Dan's Tackle Killarney in the Cold!

Oct. 24-28 2009, Dan Pronovost and Dan Greene boldly paddled into Norway Lake, despite the expected brutal weather conditions! Alas, Sunday turned out glorious and sunny, and we bush-whacked from Norway to Silver Peak.

Here's the route we took for the hike:

On the way up, we took the south-most route. On the way back, we took the more direct north-most route.

Here's a picture on the Sunday morning, before our hike, from our camp site on Norway:

Norway Lake, wide morning view

And, Dan and I on the peak:

Silver Peak in late October

The bush-whack was challenging, given all the leaf-litter on the ground. It covered up all the rocks and crevices. Careful footsteps was the order of the day. Here, we crossed over one of the many creeks flowing in between the valleys on our way up.

Late Fall creek on Silver Peak

When we got to the peak, we had the place to ourselves. In the many treks up to Silver Peak I've made, I've never had the privilege on being the only group up there. Alas, after 20 minutes or so, two groups made the journey up as well, taking advantage of the fine weather for a late season day hike. In this photo, one such person snuck into the corner of the photo.

Silver Peak panorama

And here's one last interesting view of our hike, on a 3D contour map:

Silver Peak hike 3D