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Common Questions

How do I change my e-mail address?

Can I get my registration codes again?

My Palm hotsync id has changed. Can I get new registration codes?

How do I opt-out to not receive e-mails from you?

Ordering and Software Registration

This is an overview of what happens when you buy stuff from us, to help you understand what you need to do:

  • ALL of our software products are shareware, which means you are free to try them out before you buy them (in fact, we strongly recommend you try them out first before purchasing). All of our blackjack training programs for all platforms are bundled into our one-step installer that you run on your Windows computer (for Palm OS and Pocket PC users, the Windows desktop computer you synchronize your device to). For other software, click the corresponding 'download' link in the program description web page (near the top) to download the installation program.

  • The free shareware versions will nag you as you use the programs more, encouraging you to purchase them. When you are ready, just click the 'buy online' link in the software, installed program group, or at our web site. You will be taken to our secure online software store where you can buy our bundles and products by credit card. Phone and FAX orders are also accepted (details at the online store).

  • Some features and components you can purchase are not available in the free shareware installation. If this is the case, then a 'DOWNLOAD NOW' link will be displayed on the final web page of your online order. Simply follow the instructions displayed in the final order page with each product you purchased.

  • If your order included software, then the download link will be a new installation program, similar the the shareware version you may have already installed. Make sure you run the new installation, and simply choose the same options and directory as before. Your software will be updated with the purchased version, but your settings will be preserved.

  • If you purchased software, then your order will include registration codes for the programs you ordered. Temporary registration codes will be listed in the final order page that you can enter into each respective program immediately (these will last for two weeks, disable all nags, and fully enable the programs). The order web page will include detailed instructions.

  • Once your order is processed and received by us in a day or two, our system will generate unique permanent registration codes for the software programs you ordered and e-mail them to you. You must return to the same place in each program and enter these new codes (see the order e-mail for instructions). These permanent codes are keyed to your e-mail address (or hotsync id, for Palm users).

  • If your purchase includes shipped goods, these will follow by mail in 2 to 4 weeks (depending on location). Contact our shippnig partner, for questions on the shipped goods in your order.

    General Questions

    Is your software compatible with newer versions of Microsoft Windows, including Windows Vista?
    Yes. We have tested ALL our software on Windows 98 and up, including Windows Vista. This also includes our Windows-based installers for our Palm OS and Pocket PC software. For example, if you synchronize your Pocket PC device to a Windows Vista desktop computer with Mobile Device Center, our installer will properly install our software to your handheld computer. Just make sure your device synchronizes properly with your Windows desktop computer, and run our installations. All our software (blackjack, poker, craps, etc.) have been tested on existing versions of Windows operating systems.

    When I register your software, do I have to download and run a new installation program?
    Some of our products and software bundles include additional components not included in the shareware version. Sometimes these are provided as supplementary installation programs provided after your purchase on the final receipt page and order e-mail. Simply download the supplementary installation, and run it. No need to uninstall what you have already.

    If you forgot to download the extra items with your order, or want to review the order, proceed as follows:

  • Visit this web page and enter your e-mail and/or order number:

  • You would have received additional e-mails from eSellerate, our online e-store provider, after your purchase. These e-mails include your order number to use above (a number sequence starting with 'ST'). Or, you can enter your e-mail address at the link above to fetch your order number.

  • Your order will be re-displayed, and you can download the extra components with your order again.

    I bought your software, but didn't get anything to install. Where is it?
    All of our products are download only... nothing is shipping to you by mail. Most of our software bundles and offerings include a special download link provided on the final web page (click here for details). You will also get registration codes for each program you purchased, that need to be entered into each one repectively. If you didn't get a Download link in the final order web page, that means there was nothing else beyond the shareware installation program required (click here to download our one-step blackjack shareware nstaller for all platforms).

    How do I enter the registration code?
    Select the 'Register' item from the 'Help' menu, then click on 'Register now'. Enter the registration code e-mailed to you into the code field. For Windows and Pocket PC products, enter your e-mail address in the top line (the address provided at time of purchase).

    What is the difference between a temporary registration code and a permanent registration code?
    When you purchase any DeepNet software, you will receive a temporary registration code immediately from the seller by e-mail. This code will last for two weeks. Within a few days, you will receive a permanent registration code directly from DeepNet Technologies. This code is keyed to your hotsync id or e-mail address, and will only work on your Palm Pilot or with your e-mail address. When you receive your permanent registration code, enter it into your software immediately.

    How long does it take to receive my permanent registration code?
    Usually, only a few days. It depends when DeepNet Technologies receives the sales transaction record from the seller.

    I haven't received my permanent registration code. What do I do?
    The most likely cause is that that the registration e-mail we sent you was filtered on your end by a spam filter. You can request that the codes be resent to you through our automated system online: Change Requests. In the event you still have problems, e-mail us directly:

    I received my permanent registration code, but it doesn't work. Help!
    Check that you are entering the right code into the right program to start: Help Menu, About. Often people enter the codes for Counter in Expert, or the codes for Counter in Mentor. For Palm users, make sure your hotsync id is right (the code provided is keyed to your device hotsync ud provided at purchase time. See the Help menu, Register, register now, and your device hotsync id is listed in the lower left next to 'hs id'. If not the same as the id provided at purchase time, you can get new codes online at: Change Requests). For Windows and Pocket PC users, check to make sure you're entering the same e-mail address as provided at purchase time (your code is keyed to your e-mail address), and you're entering it in the TOP line, and code in the BOTTOM line. Also double check the code you are entering: it uses only the digits 0 to 9, and letters A to F. The case and dashes are not required. In the event you still have problems, e-mail us directly:

    Will my registration codes work in future versions?
    Yes: your permanent registration codes will continue to work in future releases and updates for the software you purchased. Note that functionality may be limited to the features available in the version at the time you purchased though. New features may require the purchase of specific updates.

    If I order for one platform, will the codes work for other platforms?
    No: each platform is a separate product that must be purchased separately. Existing users may be entitled to discounts on new platform purchases though, so contact us with your name and request for discounts to additional platforms. If you get rid of your Palm device for Pocket PC handheld (or vice versa), you will need to purchase the corresponding new software.

    Do I have to uninstall your software before installing a new version?
    No. You can simply install the newer version 'over top' of the old version. If you perform the update this way, you will not have to re-enter your registration code.

    How do I find out what my hotsync ID is?
    Select the 'Register' item from the 'Help' menu, then click on 'Register now'. Your hotsync id is displayed in the lower left of the dialog beside the text "HS id:". This applies only to Palm OS users (not Windows and Pocket PC).

    Do I get free updates?
    Yes: all registered users of DeepNet Technologies software get free product updates minimally for one year from the date of your original purchase. You can always download the latest installations, and rerun them.

    Will I be notified when there is a new release?
    As long as we have your correct e-mail address, you will be notified whenever a significant new version is released.

    I no longer want to receive update notifications. Can I be removed from your mailing list?
    Click here to be removed from our mailing list. You will not receive any further e-mails from DeepNet Technologies.

    I purchased your software, but it is not what I want. Can I get my money back?
    No. Our software is shareware, which means it's free to try before you buy. We encourage users to fully try out the software before purchasing.

    I have more than one device/computer I want to run your software on. Do I have to purchase additional registration codes?
    Yes. Each purchased registration code is valid for one device only.

    My Palm OS hotsync id has changed. Can I get a new registration code?
    Yes: Use our automated support system to request a new code and hotsync uid change: Change Requests.

    I have lost my registration code and need to reinstall it. Can you send it to me again?
    Yes: Use our automated support system to request a resend of your reg codes: Change Requests.

    I have some suggestions and ideas for your software. Can I send them to you?
    Absolutely! Please e-mail us your ideas and feedback.

    I have found a bug. What do I do?
    First, download the latest version of the software from our web site and try it again. If the problem is still there, please e-mail us directly. Include the name of the product, version number, a description of the problem, and steps to reproduce the problem.

    How do I find the version number of your software?
    Select the 'About' item from the Help menu. The version number is displayed in the dialog.

    I wish to buy a large number of licenses, but I don't want to have to make separate purchases to get individual registration codes. Can you help me?
    Yes. Simply make one purchase of the number of units you want to buy. Then e-mail us directly with your name, product, and the list of hotsync IDs you want registered. We will e-mail the registration codes directly to you.

    Does your software run on other Palm OS/Pocket PC devices?
    Yes. There are no known issues with ALL Palm OS and Pocket PC devices.

    Can I beam your software to my friends and share it with them? Does this violate my license?
    All DeepNet software is shareware, which means you can give it to anyone you want, as long as you do not modify the programs in any way. You may not share the registration codes, though.

    Will you give my e-mail to any other company, or sell or give any of my personal information to anyone else?
    No. DeepNet Technologies has never disclosed any personal information to any source, for sale or otherwise. Your personal information (including your e-mail address) will never be given to any third party. We take privacy seriously. See our Privacy Policy for more information.

    Do you have Mac or RIM device versions of your software?
    No, not at this time.

    Can I run and register the software on more than one computer/device?
    No: our software license allows you to use your installation and/or registration codes on one computer or device per purchased product/bundle. If you wish to run the software on more than one device or computer, please purchase additional copies. Please do not share your registration codes with other people: direct inquires to our web site:

    How do I install the Pocket PC versions if I don't synchronize my device with a Windows desktop?
    Our normal installation program is all you need, no matter what platform, as long as you syncrhonize your Palm or Pocket PC device with a Windows desktop computer. But if you do not use ActiveSync with your Pocket PC device to update it from a Windows computer, you can still install our software directly. click here for download instructions for OTA (over the air) installation of our blackjack software (directly from a browser on your Pocket PC device). click here for OTA download instructions for Poker Drill Master for Pocket PC.

    Which Pocket PC devices do you support?
    All of them, as long as they are Pocket PCs. Note some users confuse 'Smart Phones' with Pocket PCs, which we do not support at this time. The simple way to tell is if your Pocket PC device has a pen or touch screen, then our software will work. If it's just a phone with no tap-style pen or touch screen included, then our software will not work. We supports all displays: small square screens and large VGA screens (our software will display accordingly automatically... no need to download separate installations). If the installation program gives you a warning or error on your particular Pocket PC device, please contact us and let us know... we'll do our best to see what Microsoft has done to screw us up this time: support @ deepnettech . com.
  • Blackjack Questions

    I'm not sure which of your software I should buy. Help!
    We have a variety of bundlings of our products to meet the needs of most people, and save you money (compared to purchasing our software separately). Click here to see all our packages, and a summary of the included components. For a breif comparison of our individual blackjack training programs, click here.

    Do I have to purchase Blackjack Counter if I want to purchase Blackjack Expert?
    No, but if you want to be tested on card counting in Blackjack Expert, then you will need to purchase Blackjack Counter as well. Without Blackjack Counter, Blackjack Expert is just a game simulator without any testing of your plays.

    Why aren't there drill modes for player counting hard 8 and below, and 17+?
    You should always 'hit' an eight, no matter what the dealer has up. Some players will double down with an eight against a dealer 5 or 6, but this is not advised in the standard play tables. Similarly, index plays for 17 and higher are rare and unnecessary to memorize.

    Can I count cards with Blackjack Mentor?
    No, Blackjack Mentor is only for learning the basic strategy. Use Blackjack Counter to practice card counting.

    What is the difference between Mentor and Counter?
    Blackjack Counter is a superset of Mentor: everything in Mentor is also in Counter. Most users will not need to purchase both programs (unless they started with Mentor, and are now ready for Counter). Most of our software bundles include a free registration code for Mentor anyway, since it is installed by our one-step installer.

    Memo Safe Questions

    Is there a limit to the individual size of memo records?
    Yes. Memo Safe shares the same 4096 byte record size limit as Memo Pad. This is partially a result of the 100% compatibility between the two products (so that you can edit records in either product). Allowing unlimited memo sizes is a feature we are working on.

    Are encrypted memos limited in size as well?
    Unfortunately, yes. The size of the encrypted record is limited to 4096 bytes as well. This means that you may not be able to encrypt a memo more than about 3000 characters (it varies, depending on the content of the memo). We are working on a feature enhancement that would remove this barrier.

    What happens when I 'Force Open' a memo?
    This is an advanced feature that should be used only when absolutely necessary. If a memo gets altered outside of Memo Safe, you will not be able to open it in Memo Safe. Use 'Force Open', to open the memo regardless. This may allow you to recover most of the memo up to the point it was corrupted. Note that if you edit the memo, the old memo will be erased.

    My encrypted memo won't open anymore. What do I do!
    This is discussed in the online help under "A Memo fails to Decrypt! Help!". Basically, use 'Revert to backup' to restore the previously edited copy (a backup is maintained), or try using 'Force Open'. This usually happens when a memo is corrupted outside of Memo Safe, for example, during a hotsync operation.

    My encrypted memos seem to get corrupted frequently, especially when I open Microsoft Outlook on my PC. What's happening?
    This was an issue in versions of Memo Safe prior to 2.01. Microsoft Outlook would occasionally alter the content of encrypted memos, which would corrupt them on the Palm Pilot during a hotsync operation. This issue was corrected by altering the save format of encrypted memos. Install a newer version to correct this problem.

    What happens when I beam an encrypted memo?
    If the correct password for the memo is entered in this session, then the decrypted memo is sent. Otherwise, the encrypted memo is sent. This is also true when sending a memo category.

    Can I view encrypted memos on my desktop PC?
    Yes. Memo Safe includes a Windows Memo Viewer program. Simply run this program on your desktop, and you will be able to open an Memo Safe encrypted memo from any application (see the readme.txt documentation file). Unfortunately, there is no Mac version at this time.

    Can I edit encrypted memos on my desktop PC?
    No. The Windows Memo Viewer program only allows you to view memos, not edit them.

    Can I prevent encrypted memos from being deleted?
    Mostly. There is a memo option in the 'Details' dialog that allows you to prevent 'unencrypted deletes'. With this option turned on, the memo cannot be deleted if an incorrect password is entered. But Memo Pad and Memo Safe share the same database, which means a user could always delete any memo from Memo Pad instead. The 'private record' feature is also available in Memo Safe, which could be used to further mask records that you do not want visible at all.

    The Palm keyboard does not seem to work when I have hidden password entry turned on. Is this a bug?
    Yes. The keyboard feature does not work with the hidden password entry option. If you turn off 'hidden password entry' in the Preferences dialog, it will work correctly.

    If I power off my Palm Pilot while an encrypted memo is displayed, then turn my device back on, I get a crash. Is this a bug?
    The 'Close memo on shutdown' Preference option is not compatible with some OS hacks such as PopupTime (hacks that present dialogs on startup). Turn off this option is you experience this problem.

    If I power off my Palm Pilot while an encrypted memo is displayed, then turn my device back on, the memo is still visible briefly. Can I prevent this?
    Turn on the 'Close memo on shutdown' Preference option. Note that this option is not compatible with some hacks such as PopupTime (applications that display dialogs on startup).

    Is there a French version of Memo Safe?
    Yes. You can download it here.

    "Balls!" Questions

    Do you have a French version of "Balls!"?
    No, not at this time.

    Do you have a color Palm OS version of "Balls!"?
    No, not at this time. The standard version will work fine in Palm OS 3.5 (color device OS).