All our developers have built their years of expertise working at leading-edge high-tech firms before joining DeepNet. The skills of our seasoned team emphasize four major areas:

  • Palm OS, WinCE, RIM and Conduits
  • Java, Web Applications
  • C/C++
  • Project Management

Palm OS, WinCE, RIM and Conduits

Experience: 3 developers; 12 years combined experience

Involved in the development of many different market leading applications for mobile devices, DeepNet developers can take your products into the handheld market.

Expertise: UI design, wireless applications, databases, flash programming, conduits, Palm OS, WinCE, RIM, conduits

Java, Web Applications and Websites

Experience: 5 developers; 31 years combined experience

Visualizing complex information and data structures, building scalable web-server solutions, implementing innovative web applications, designing usable websites. Developers at DeepNet have the knowledge necessary to successfully navigate your project to completion.

Expertise: Java, Swing, web architectures, UI design, XML, XSL, DSSSL, ASP, PHP, VBScript, JavaScript, HTML, CSS


Experience: 7 developers; 58 years combined experience

Whether Windows, Macs, Linux or any other shade of Unix, our expert C/C++ developers can accomplish even the most daunting development tasks.

Expertise: databases, server architectures, compilers and interpreters, graphics, RAD tool implementations, real-time server systems, encryption


Experience: 4 writers; 10 years combined experience

Tutorials, user product guides, technical references, and online help. As software developers with a talent for writing, we provide documentation that helps your product's users understand even its subtle nuances.

Expertise: WinHelp, RoboHelp, JavaHelp, Adobe Acrobat, HTML documents

Project Management

Experience: 3 managers; 15 years combined experience

Using the talents of former executive and senior managers, DeepNet Technologies can plan and manage your project through its entire life cycle, including design, costing, staffing, scheduling, implementation, testing and release.