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Poker Drill Master: Drill Mode Demo (page 1)

The main training area of Poker Drill Master is Drill Mode. Random game boards are presented to you, and you must decide if it is better to fold, call or raise. You base these decisions on the pot odds and the poker system for pre-flop games.

For example, a typical drill is shown below. The screen shows us a game in play after the turn, with a $6 bet to us. One player is in so far, and one is undecided. There is $27 in the pot, and we have a pair of tens and fours. The first question we must answer is:

"What is the equity for your hand?

We must select the closest value from the list. Once we select an answer, it is checked. Suppose we pick 50%, figuring that there are three players, and we have a pretty good hand with two pair.

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