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NOTE: The Blackjack Insider e-zine will be publishing it's last issue in December of 2017. New subscribers should be aware of this when they purchase a membership at this time. Paid members will continue to gain access to the remaining paid members-only articles, and all past members-only articles.

We've arranged amazing sign-up bonuses with this new membership offer! Even better... this offer is valid for both new subscribers, and returning prior subscribers!

  • Free copy of Legends of Blackjack e-book by by Kevin Blackwood and Larry Barker: This book is unlike any other blackjack book because it contains the true stories of the ingenious pioneers who unraveled the secrets to winning at blackjack, and the legendary blackjack players and teams who used this information to win millions of dollars in casinos throughout the world. 142 pages. Normally $9.99... yours free!
  • Free copy of Blackjack Mentor for Windows blackjack training software: Master blackjack strategy and maximize your win potential over the casino. Normally $15.00... yours free!
  • Free copy of Best of Blackjack Insider e-book: 40 articles by 15 of our best BJI authors, all collected into one easy-to-read Adode Acrobat PDF file. Download available immediately after purchase. Normally $14.95... yours free!

    Note: unlike past special membership offers from BJI, this one is valid for prior subscribers! So, if you've enjoyed a BJI membership in the past and want read our great articles again, take advantage of this offer before it's too late! BUT... if you have an existing valid BJI membership, do not use this offer. This offer generates a brand new membership, with a separate login ID valid from today. If you wish to renew your membership, use this link instead.

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