Online Generals Challenge:
Rank calculator

Use this tool to determine if you pass a particular OGC rank from a given date.

For more details on OGC ranks, see here: Memoir 44 Forum post. The idea is to provide some means for players to advance beyond Brigadier General rank, since DoW is not advancing anyone further.

The Online General Challenge is managed by Albanrey, at this web site:

The forum includes rules, in french and english.

First, you must get your DoW 'user id'. If you go to your careers page, you will see it displayed in the URL bar, as shown below:

Enter that id below, along with the OGC rank you want to test, and the date from which games you have played will be checked. The program fetches your complete playing history of Multi and Expert games since 2015 forward, to determine your proper rank. When your new rank is offically sanctioned, that is the date you enter below for the new rank test.

Got a problem, or encounter a bug? E-mail the creator, Dan Pronovost: dan @ deepnettech . com (obfuscated to prevent robot abuse.)

MM44 id:

OGC rank to test:

Date to start review (YYYY-MM-DD):

If you prefer, you can bookmark a different URL that will automatically run the report, without filling in this form:

  • rank: one of bg, mg, ltg, gen, ga.
  • start_date: date from which games are included in the calculation: YYYY-MM-DD (pad days < 10 with zeros)
  • mm_id: your Memoir 44 user id, as noted above.
  • Example:

    Here are the rank requirements: